Mario Rouillier

Seating as a representative for mining products and services enterprises
President director-general, Groupe Rouillier

Working in the field of mining drilling for more than 35 years, Mr. Rouillier took over the family business by acting as president of the Rouillier Group which includes Forage Rouillier, as well as the manufacturer MBI Global, whose equipment and consumables in drilling are used around the world. Mr. Rouillier has also created, in partnership with the aboriginal communities, Youdin-Rouillier Drilling and Avataa Rouillier Drilling, which operate in Nord-du-Québec. With the many innovation projects in his various companies, Mr. Rouillier is committed to regional and Quebec development while adopting a sustainable development approach, such as the Ecologo standard. His drive and desire to advance the exploration and mining industry drives him to provide quality products and services to meet customer expectations and needs.