Raymond Grenier

Vice-president of the council
Seating as a government affairs consultant representative

Currently a consultant, Mr. Grenier was a business owner, he studied in administration at the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, and he held many positions in the financial field, among others he was the director at Desjardins. Then, his career continued at the Fonds de solidarité, where he held the position of regional vice-president for the Northwest of Quebec, and he seated at the directions of the solidarity regional funds’ committee.

He participated, among other things, to put in place the mining funds and Sidex, an investing society in mining and exploration, as well as the investing strategies elaboration to better support the mineral field development in Quebec. He also seated as an administrator on different private societies, and on many committees in mining, forestry, agricultural or public sectors.

Not only that, but he currently acts as a strategic consultant and administrator of the society. Furthermore, he is still involved in the economical sector in the area, and beyond.