MISA orchestrates a program targeting the promotion of:

  • The growth of innovating enterprises in the field of minerals in Quebec;
  • Sustainable productivity and operation optimization profits throughout the process of mineral development;
  • The dissemination of the best practices and mining knowledge.

This program unfolds in four angles:

Innovation is a powerful growth
leverage for businesses

Innovation shows the vitality of enterprises, and, by extension, of the industry. It ensures the sustainability of the mining industry. Innovation introduces something new to the market, or an improvement, by bringing a competing advantage. This value makes small businesses more competitive and exploration societies more performing. MISA ensures to put the values in front, while finding the right track to efficiently get the idea to the market.

The professional and technical support that MISA offers brings the enterprises to:

  • Conceive competitive offers about their products, services, and expertise;
  • Get the mining industrials involved in the first steps of ideation to stay connected to their priorities;
  • To network to reduce the technical risks of the project;
  • Maximize the available financial leverage;
  • Implement the best practices in commercial deployment and intern management of innovation;
  • Grow globally.

Furthermore, small businesses receive mentoring from mining operators in one of these six expertises, while putting the project in place:

Earth science and drilling
Mineral extraction
Mineral treatment
Continuous improvement
Mining environment

To each project put forward, the Quebec mineral field progresses with a better positioning on the world mining chessboard, and ensures a leader status.

Why get involved in innovation?

Supporting innovation gives value to commercial opportunities in the mineral field, to allow it to shine here and internationally.

The competition from here and abroad reduces more and more the length of the windows of opportunities. The support to innovation pushes forward the cycle of development of products and services, and allows the businesses to get into the market faster and stay competitive.

Innovation takes your business out of the usual path and puts it in an avant-garde stance. This positioning is favourable to get through challenging times and to face competition.

Getting involved in innovation creates a domino effect: each partner will reduce the financial risk of the project, making it sustainable. Each partner will profit in the benefits of the project, by sharing the necessary efforts.
“Alone, we go faster, together we go further.”

Innovation funding is a powerful leverage to ease the adoption of better practices in innovation management. Then, the adoption of these practices increase the probability of success. At last, the successful innovation projects always produce new projects.