Alain Beauséjour

General Manager

819 279-7195

Hélène Labrosse-Duguay

Project Manager

819 763-9549

Marie-Capucine Gilbert

Project Manager

819 763-1621

Maude Magne

Project Manager

819 279-3788

Hachmi Ben Daly

Project Manager

819 277-7955

Samia Zerbo

Project Manager

(819) 279-1878

Claudia Bilodeau-Poirier

Administrative and Operations Support Officer

819 277-5328

Médérique Mercier

Project Manager - Strategic Communication

438 829-1444

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We focus on a team of project managers with diverse knowledge and experiences. Our team will ensure to promote innovating projects and to push back limits by mobilizing all its talents and resources.