The MISA Group proposes a structured approach, adapted to your needs. We will assist you in the risk control management (gates management). We offer a proper and integrated approach to the work surface to maintain the focus on the initial challenge. It ensures the project to be attractive and to maximize its commercial potential.

With our management expertise, your enterprise identifies and reduces risks associated to the innovation project. Furthermore, you ensure yourself of a healthy project coordination and an agile management, implying the customer’s voice continuously. We consolidate an ensemble external view by asking the right questions at the right moments. We list the facts mentioned in meetings for the promotor to take informed decisions.

Innovation project activation | The consultation of experts

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Approach adapted and structured to your
needs for piloting innovative projects

Brief audit
  • Validate the right monitoring for your project
  • Conception of the plan
Gates’ meetings
  • Preparation
  • Animation
  • Logistic
Risk analysis
  • High level reflection
  • Rise red flags
  • Attenuate the risks
Gasps in work plan and schedule
  • Target the gasps
  • Reduce their negative effects
  • Build control files
  • Make recommendation based on facts
Establish criteria
  • For control
  • For success of the work plan
The customer’s voice
  • Continuous validation
Pursuit or termination of the project
  • Provide necessary elements for decision-making
Upgrade the competing advantage
  • Quantification, specifications, probation, validation
  • Profitability of the project
  • Attraction on the market
  • Ensure that all concerned parties are mobilized
  • Prepare parties about deliverables

What is a gate?

Gates are decision points, related to the established objectives in the quotation. These objectives are the customers’ measurable benefits, in other words, the competing advantages. These advantages build the project business relevance.

Gates ensure the success of the project with the results and quality control.

With their rigorous management, the gates offer an additional guaranty about the success and viability to your financial partners.

The objectives and gates are stated in the specification, in the work plan, in the budget and at GANTT.

A control report in specifically produced for the project, in collaboration with the promotor. It gathers the competing advantages, the technical objectives and list of criteria for the technological advances and challenges.