The consultation of experts allows the research partners to have a direct link with the industry. This meshing is the opportunity to introduce and to validate your research project with mining operators. They will ensure that the project and the objectives are leaning toward the interests of the mining industry. This feedback is a major advantage to get the project funding and to have it moving forward. Your organization will indeed get constructive insight and a validation of the business relevance.

It is also the right time to identify the partners who are ready to enhance the project. The mining partners represent private funding for your project.

The consultation of experts also represents an opportunity to share the developed knowledge by your organization to the target audience. You can also introduce a less-known innovating project.

Collaborative projects

The MISA Group represents the main entrance to the mining industry. We bring structure, rigour and a different perspective to your project. We prepare you to the different steps, we guide you and et assist you all the way.

Furthermore, we will work with you for a successful introduction to your project. We will validate numerous points, and we will ensure that the presentation will capture the audience’s attention. We will gather an adequate audience for your presentation in order for your organization to get the opportunity to share with the members.

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The research partner’s involvement

The research partner must complete all the steps of the MISA growth method

His project must bring new knowledge to provide a competing advantage

He must harvest the necessary information for the project completion

He must complete various tasks, as preparing a survey for the experts and/or a presentation to introduce his project