The MISA group assists your enterprise in the achievement of your innovation mining project, to ensure successful completion. We work on a commercial basis for development and marketing of innovator equipments and services. By accompanying your business from the idea to the market, we maximize the commercial potential of your solution.

Our services offer relies on a precise niche of expertise in innovation management and on strong instrumentation. They allow the realization of multiple crucial steps.

The consultation of experts | Innovation project piloting

This description of your project includes all elements to allow our team to well understand your business vision. It captures the innovativeness and market potential. Then, she ensures that the summary is meeting the industry’s criteria.

Afterwards, our team accomplishes a first validation with industry experts. Then, she ensures that the innovation project truly corresponds to a need or a problematic of the Quebec mining industry.

We support your enterprise in the preparation of the presentation intended for the experts.

This step allows evaluating the technical viability and the business relevance of the project in the Quebec mining industry. You then access the step for market validation and innovation potential.

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Our team assembles the specifications with the documentation of the promoting enterprise, the literary research and the team process of reflection. It defines the innovation project boundaries, the team and its partners, the aimed market and the impacts of the project.

The budget, the GANTT chart and the previsions of income and expenses (including the partners’ involvement) are also integrated to the specifications. To determine the custom control gates, we select quantified objectives, ensuring the success of the project. For your financial partners, this rigorous management secures an additional guaranty about the viability of the project.

We identify different donors and key partners. We assist you to fill the forms with winning conditions, by answering the program’s requirements.

After receiving the funding for their project, the enterprise can enjoy our piloting service.

Our team is there for you

Our project managers are devoted, and they hold the mining innovation development at heart. They build a successful model with you, allowing the planning, the execution, the control, and the accountability. Throughout the process, the team validates the relevance and the feasibility of the innovation into the strategic, financial and technical spheres.

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Thanks to MISA’s services

Your enterprise efficiently targets the best innovation potentials.

You benefit from our expertise in innovation management, and from simple and concrete tools to achieve your projects.

You access a reliable contact network to identify and obtain industrial and financial partners.

All elements are in place to bring your innovation project to completion.