Working for equipment improvements and innovating services. The goal is to ensure the sustainability, maximization of the benefits and radiation of the mining field in Quebec.


Developing an excellency pole in mining exploration all around the world.

Our values

Sympathetic ear
Identity value

We promote your ambitions and hopes based on our active listening.

Skill value

We make your unique projects by pushing back the limits.

Self-improvement value

We mobilize our talents, resources, and knowledge to lead the mining industry to higher summit.

Ethical value

We build win-win relationships by giving each other the right to be wrong by being true, well-intended and open-minded

Relational value

Our success starts with the pleasure to work with you!

The MISA Group

The organization facilitates the implementation of a collective. This group gathers stakeholders and organizations who have common interests:

  • The development of expertise in the mineral field of Quebec;
  • The enlightenment of the businesses from the mineral field and the organizations of research and support to innovation.

Thus, the representatives of the mining area regroups:

  • Mining exploitation and exploration businesses;
  • Mining products and services makers or suppliers;
  • Consulting engineering firms;
  • Associations and groupings;
  • Educational and research institutions;
  • Many ministries, public, and para public organizations.

Group MISA is managed by a board of administrators. Different instances complete the management structure.

The team MISA includes:

  • The director-general;
  • The project managers to support innovation;
  • The communications and events supervisor.

The network of experts exclusively regroups mining operators by their field expertise. Therefore, the members altogether form the “experts in mining innovation network”. This network ensures that the complete MISA program is online with mining exploration and extraction operators.

MISA, Centre of excellence

MISA signifies Mine, Innovation, Solutions, Applications.

MISA was founded to ensure the development of the excellence niche TECHNO‐MINE. Also, this niche is recognized by the ACCORD program of the Quebec Government.

The organization proceeded, in 2014, to a revision, throwing a cycle of growth. In 2020, MISA went from “niche excellency” to “centre of excellency”. As of today, the organization has an international reach.