The collaborative projects meet a need in the mining operation that is common to many. They have the objective to acquire knowledge and to define a good practice. Furthermore, these projects often lead to a validation in an operational context, then on the product development of innovating services.

The collaborative projects are also an opportunity to mobilize different partners’ skills, toward the mining industry’s challenges. They strengthen their sense of collaboration between concerned parties in the mining ecosystem.

The collaborative projects bring many benefits to the mining society, with the lowest involvement. Also, with the commitment of multiple partners, the financial risks are lower, and the public funding possibilities increase. They are the proof of knowledge, expertises, and experiences sharing. The collaborative projects implement the daily problematics met on your site, in order to assign the necessary resources and expertises for solution finding.

Our contribution through the years demonstrated our capacity to read the emerging challenges in the industry, and to transform them into rallying projects concerning key actors. Our expertise in project assembly speeds up the identification, mobilization, and funding of projects. We also ensure the projects’ coordination.

The network of experts

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The mines involvement

They share their knowledge and testify of their expertise in operational terms

They articulate their operations problematics

They participate in field-testing

They share their data, their consumable, their human resources, and they are financially involved