The MISA growth method allows to reduce the business risks and to maximize the financial leverage for your innovating project. The innovation process proposes an assistance approach, with custom-made coaching and technological showcases for mining innovation. This approach, which went from being an idea straight to the market, goes through these next steps:


This step allows to expose the project globally. It is an intuitive summary that lets MISA evaluate the magnitude of the project and to plan the next steps. Then, the promotor enrols in the MISA approach and gets paired with a project manager.

Together, they determine the organization profile, to adapt the approach. With the summary, the project manager can evaluate if the solution respects all innovation criteria and if it provides a competing advantage.

The project manager makes a field inspection to identify the conditions that could impact the project or the process. This identification provides, among other things, to minimize the risks and to guide the promotor toward the right resources. This is where is taken the decision to pursuit, or not, the approach with the MISA group.

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The consultation of experts

The consultation of experts allows to collect the mining operators’ perception, and to validate the industry’s needs. The experts will identify the risks facing the innovating project. They then evaluate the innovation potential, the technical and business viability and the business relevance. They will do the validation of the market and of the competing advantage.

This gives a quick and quality feedback. Next, the promotor can focus the efforts on the right potential. Furthermore, the promotor will be paired with the mines who are interested in welcoming the project and in helping achieve some steps.

After the consultation of experts, the industry instantly recognizes the promising innovation projects. They will be monitored by the MISA network of experts.

This service is offered to innovative companies and to research partners. The mining and exploration companies can participate to the network of experts.

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The assembly

This phase is there to put the project in context with the help of the quotation. We establish the project perimeter, defining many elements. The quotation sets the operational context, the corporate profile and the partners. Even more, it identifies the marketing elements and evaluates the strategic impacts for the promotor and the mining field.

With the support of the project manager, the promotor receives an innovation expertise, in project management and assembly. With the AGILE method and a widened vision, the project potential is increased. MISA also ensures to meet the financing requirements and to have in hand all the necessary information to fill the required forms.

In the end, the customer holds a planning, control and execution document. This leads the idea to the functioning prototype launching.

After the assembly, the project is introduced to the network of experts. For the promotor, it represents, a great showcase, but also the opportunity to harvest the target client’s opinion about the developed innovation.

After, the promotor will fill the forms for the financing program with MISA’s help. While lowering the promotor’s work load, the MISA growth method increases the chances for funding. The project manager ensures to follow-up with the funding applications.

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Once the funding is granted, the project becomes reality, from an idea to the market. The financial support allows to lower the financial risk for your project.

At times, it may be necessary to realign the project as requested by the payers. Like for all the previous steps, MISA will assist you.

The promotor, along with the project manager, has completed all the steps of activation

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The piloting service allows to reduce the innovation project associated risks, and to maximize the commercial potential. The project manager, along with all concerned parties, ensure to review the objectives at the right moments to decrease the project’s risks.

The MISA Group ensures a rigorous management of the decision point, representing an additional protection for the financial partners. The piloting service constitutes a guaranty of success and of the project viability.

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