The Quebec mining industry stands out with its high-level collaboration. In fact, the different mining societies in Quebec regularly share their best practices leading to sustainable operations. Collaborative projects are great examples of this sense of collaboration.

They rally the research ecosystem and the 4.0 in Quebec. Collaborative projects show opportunities to create a network of key actors of the industry. They promote the acquirement of knowledge, the diffusion and adoption of the best practices, as well as the demonstration of proof of concept.

They lead to the broadcasting of the know how and bring publication possibilities, conferences and technical and scientific demonstrations. The collaborative project starting point is always searching for concrete solution (product or service) to an operation problematic. The research is guided by a strategic and operational intention. The collaborative project facilitates the networking with the industry, to acquire a mutual comprehension of the issues of concerned parties.

The consultation of experts

With our support, you access an industry with intent to invest into the improvement of its business practices, to become internationally acknowledged. In collaboration with the networks of experts in mining industry, we identify the problematics which represent real challenges. Thus, we offer various research opportunities. Furthermore, we identify the necessary expertises to the realization of your project.

We act as an intermediate between actors (research partners, innovating and mining enterprises). We ensure the good comprehension of the project by the involved parties about research and operation plans. Not only that, but we harmonize the different objectives of all partners. Even more, we do a rigorous coordination of the project.

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The research partner’s involvement

He brings a scientific point of view promoting his expertise, and he is involved from the beginning until the end of the project

He asserts an area of jurisdiction according to the parameters of the project

He collaborates to the creation of the quotation, the work plan and the screening evaluation

He brings a scientific methodology and objective, and he proposes the approach

He participates in the broadcasting activities and the meetings of the network of experts