The network of experts includes representatives of mining and exploration societies. They join to evaluate new projects and to keep up to date with the progress of new innovative projects in the Quebec mining field. It also means the opportunity to share about best practices. Comments from experts provide keys to modulate innovations to the industry requirements.

These wealthy exchanges help identify common issues and risks, leading to monitor the emerging, innovating solutions.

The MISA Group plans meetings in a structured schedule to optimize your time, and ensures to archive the content of these meetings and leaving it to your disposition at all times.

Collaborative projets

The network of experts is divided in six competence fields:

Geoscience & drilling
Ore processing
Continuous improvement
Rock extraction
Digital transition
Mining environment
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The participation to the network of experts allows to:

Develop new contacts

Take informed business decisions

Identify the interesting projects for the mining complex

Identify the right emerging solutions practices of the industry