Guy Belletête

Seating as an expert in innovation management
Vice-president in strategic affairs, product development institute

Mr. Belletête is the cofounder of Product development institute (IDP, 1995), and he was the director-general for 17 years. Nowadays, his activities are based on training, business consulting and content development for IDP as the vice-president, strategic affairs and senior advisor.

Mr. Belletête helped numerous enterprises better understand the innovation issues, for them to better organize their product development approach, integrating the concept of better practices in product development. Being an experienced trainer and excellent popularizer, he introduces simple ways and methods of management of innovation that lack in many businesses. He was acknowledged certified professional New Product Development by the American Product Development & Management Association and he was, for a long time, an active member on the Certification committee.

He also received the prestigious prize “Bâtisseur, système innovation 2014”, granted by the Association pour le développement de recherche et l’innovation.