Retrospective 2023: 10 key moments for the MISA Group

Let’s relive the memories and key moments of the past year with the MISA Group. We invite you to revisit the 10 key moments that have marked our Group’s dynamic journey. From achievements to initiatives, this retrospective takes us on a journey punctuated by innovation and pride.

  1. Vortex Approach – Phase 1: Ascension
    At the start of 2023, we resolutely embarked on the first stage of the Vortex: Ascension program, symbolizing the beginning of an exciting adventure. Throughout the year, our team guided four cohorts through the realization of twenty connected equipment projects, in close collaboration with IT experts across Quebec. Today, we are proud to launch phase 2 of the Parcours Vortex: ESSOR-MISA.

    Discover the twenty projects that will come to life over the coming year by clicking here: https: //

  2. Conferences – The mine of the future: The autonomous mine
    Conferences have been presented on the theme of “The Mine of the Future: The Autonomous Mine” in a variety of contexts, including events and several universities.Empowering mining operations is a vision of the future of the mining industry that interprets the new rules of the game and provides us with a strategic position rich in opportunity and accomplishment.

    For a preview of the conference, click here

    For conference requests, contact Médérique Mercier, Strategic Communications Project Manager at

  3. Expert Network Meetings
    A number of Expert Network meetings were held across Quebec to plunge deep into the world of mining innovation, where every moment reveals unparalleled potential for growth and progress. These experts were able to engage in discussions that paved the way for technological and operational excellence. We’re back to more active Expert Network programming.

    If you are a mining operator interested in joining one of our Expert Networks, please contact Émilie Beaudin at

  4. FONCER program

    MISA Group is proud to collaborate closely with Polytechnique Montréal in the implementation of the CREATE program, announced last fall. NSERC’s CREATE program, focused on innovation, collaboration and research experience, supports the training and mentoring of teams comprising students and highly qualified postdoctoral fellows from Canada and other countries. This program offers training opportunities through various sub-programsFor the MISA Group, this initiative makes it possible to interest our young brains, at the start of their university careers, in the prospects for the Quebec mining industry over the next 5 years. The knowledge and skills thus mobilized will contribute to the long-term viability of our mining industry. A first for the Quebec mining sector!
  5. Local, national and international collaborations
    Over the past year, numerous collaborations have emerged at local, national and international levels.

    Collaborations: MICA, BRIMM, MaRS, CNA, Innotech Alberta, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Société des Ingénieurs pour les Affaires (SIAF), Aviséo, 48e Nords International, Polytechnique Montréal, EACAT, CRNC, UQAT, Consorem, MITACS and ZIM.

  6. New team members and nomination
    Over the past year, we have strengthened our team with the arrival of three new members: Émilie Baudin, as Project Manager for Expert Networks and Milestones; Liam Forget, who holds the position of Project Manager, Mining Innovation; and Sarah Steinhauer, also Project Manager, Mining Innovation. At the same time, we were proud to announce the appointment of Maude Magne as Senior Project Manager, Mining Innovation.
  7. Key events
  8. Over the past year, the MISA Group has positioned itself through its participation in a number of events. Our presence at the ICM in Montreal gave us the opportunity to present a conference on the Mine of the Future, as well as offering for the first time an interactive workshop on the Martini Method. In addition, the 3rd and 4th Mission Mine Autonome-2030 symposiums, organized as part of Québec Mines + Énergie, were a success thanks to the participation of all. Other conferences were given as part of Québec Mine + Énergie on ‘L’Usine Verte et efficiente’ and ‘Scientific and technological expertise benefiting the Canadian mining industry: Contributions from Réseau de l’Accélérateur de commercialisation d’innovation minière (ACIM) members’.All the conferences from our Mission Mine Autonome-2030 seminars are available here:
  9. Funding for innovative projects and the Vortex Approach
    A number of innovative projects have received funding. We would like to congratulate them and wish them every success in each of these projects:
    Production of organic matter for mine reclamation using fast-growing willow plantations. The project expert is Ramo and the partners are Sayona and ArcelorMittal Mines and Infrastructure Canada. – Innovative MISA project

    Techno-economic study of a new clean heating technology. The project experts are Glacies Technologies and Cteau – Centre des technologies de l’eau. – Innovative MISA project

    ELEMISSION’s “LABORATOIRE MOBILE ECORE” project offers a connected mobile solution for digitizing drill cores. – Vortex Approach

    Point.Laz’s solution aims to automate mine shaft inspections in order to redefine safety and performance standards in the mining sector. – Vortex Approach


  1. AGM 2023 – In the center of the control room

    The theme of this year’s AGM was “At the Center of the Control Room”. Our lectures focused on the impact of control rooms on mining operations. These centers, at the heart of our industry, transform data into actionable information, optimizing the performance and safety of mining operations.All lectures are available here: https: //
  2. New branding

    This year the MISA Group is delighted to share some important news in our journey of innovation and growth. After months of dedication, creativity and careful planning, we are delighted to unveil the MISA Group’s new brand identity, which divides its pillars into distinct brand images. Our new brand encapsulates the essence of who we are today and our vision for the future. As the MISA Group moves forward, so too does our visual identity. The new lozenges, colors and design elements reflect our dynamic, forward-looking approach.In our upcoming communications, you’ll discover more about our renewed brand identity, and how it corresponds to our core values and new strategic direction.

    This evolution is more than just a change in appearance; it’s a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement, adaptability and staying at the forefront of our areas of expertise.

In conclusion, the past year has been a period of significant achievements and fruitful collaborations for the MISA Group. As we move into the future, we remain committed to our mission of innovation, collaboration and progress in the mining sector. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our success over the past year, and we look forward to continuing to work together to shape the future of our industry.

Your innovation, our mining evolution.

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