Vortex Journey | 17 July 2024

The Autonomous Drill Rod Manipulator Project by G4 R-D Inc.

Revolutionizing Mining Operations In the mining industry, each innovation marks a crucial step toward improving processes, safety, and efficiency. Among the most promising initiatives in this field, the autonomous drill rod manipulator project led by G4 R-D Inc. stands out as a clear example of innovation serving the future. Located in the heart of Amos, […]

Vortex Journey | 4 July 2024

Optimizing Mining Operations with KPI Mining Solutions

A Boost for Critical and Strategic Metals (CSM) AI-Based Stochastic Optimization for Mining Planning and Performance Predictability by KPI Mining Solutions An innovative mining planning approach has received funding for an innovation project titled “Simultaneous Stochastic Optimization of Planning, Long-term Performance, and Forecasts for Mineral Supply Chains.” This marks another step forward for the prominence […]

Vortex Journey | 8 May 2024

Neuromines Connex: Management of Mining Operations Data Flows – Arkys

Partners: DECIZIF, Axceta Solutions, Richer & Associés, Technosub, Baseline, and BGI ANALYTICS. Arkys, a pioneering company in the field of technological and IT development with over 23 years of experience, has recently launched the “Neuromines Connex: Mining Operations Data Management” project, in partnership with Axceta, Agnico Eagle, Technosub, BGI, Baseline, MILA, Intellisec, and Decizif. This […]

Vortex Journey | 29 April 2024

Exploring the Emergence of IoT in the Mining Sector

The Vortex Journey Initiative by MISA Group   *Article in collaboration with Axceta*   In recent years, the mining industry has undergone a significant transformation driven by technological advancements aimed at improving efficiency, productivity, and safety. One innovation gaining importance in the mining sector is the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of interconnected devices […]

Vortex Journey | 24 April 2024

Automated Mineralogical Analysis – LithologIQ

At the forefront of the mining industry’s evolution lies LithologIQ, a startup making waves in innovation and reshaping the landscape of mining exploration and production. Their project, developed as part of the MISA Group’s Vortex Journey, promises a future where technology and sustainability converge. Project Overview At the heart of this project lies Automated Mineralogical […]

Vortex Journey | 8 April 2024

POINT.LAZ drives the automation of well inspections.

In an era where innovation is the cornerstone of progress, POINT.LAZ emerges as a bold pioneer in the field of the mining industry. Founded in 2020, the company has set out to radically transform mine shaft inspection practices, with a clear vision of redefining safety and performance standards in this essential sector. Mission and Ambition […]

Vortex Journey | 27 February 2024

ELEMISSION’s E-CORE Mobile Laboratory

We are delighted to announce the awarding of $505,712 in Vortex Park financing to ELEMISSION. The Project: “ECORE MOBILE LABORATORY ECORE MOBILE LABORATORY: Revolutionizing core analysis In the field of drill core digitization, ECORE’s Laser Ablation Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AL-SEA) technology stands out as a revolutionary advance, setting a new standard far beyond the capabilities […]